Our Product Liability Attorney Will Help You Get a Fair Settlement

If you are looking for a personal injury or product liability attorney in Louisville, Kentucy, look no further. DeGolian Law Offices represents individuals and companies in a range of legal matters. Their attorneys have the knowledge and experience to solve your legal problems.

Product Liability Attorneys

Whether you’ve been injured by a dangerous product or are being sued because of misuse of said product, we provide the legal assistance you need. Generally, we represent the company, but we offer a wide variety of services based on your specific situation. Not every case is the same. It doesn’t matter what end of the argument you are on, our product liability attorneys will provide the legal representation needed to win the case. 

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Combined General Liability

We represent insurance companies in general liability cases. If someone slips and falls or is injured by something on one of the company’s properties, we have you covered. We act as both the insurance defense and prosecution depending on which end of the spectrum you are on. You will know you’ve found the right legal representation for your company when you call DeGolian Law Offices. We even provide representation for cases involving fires. 

Automobile Accidents

At DeGolian Lay Offices we have your back when you are wrongfully injured in an automobile accident. We make sure to have your best interests in mind. Our attorneys specialize in representation for trucking accidents. We are usually hired through your insurance company to defend you.

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